The second edition of the Game Changer Conference will mark an even more dynamic program, which erases industry boundaries. In addition to gaming and Web3 industrial trends, we focus on e-commerce, cyber security, HR and education of the future.

By thinking about the different sectors, stories and people you meet, you get a much more complete picture of what’s going on in the economy. Some of it is based on data, some is based on experience, some is based on lateral thinking – All are parts with which you get a much more complete picture. Connecting all segments of society in order to prepare for a new transformation that will reshape all segments of life, exchange of knowledge and skills of companies of science, education and gifted individuals, so that we all enter the metaverse of the decade together. Before us, using the historical wave of gaming, is the mission of this unique platform.

We live in the era of gaming. What kind of phenomenon it is, the statistics most vividly testify, from 200 million players in 2007 we have reached 2.7 billion players in 2021 – with rapid growth trends. A series of record acquisitions in the world of gaming, along with the start of the race for positions in the metaverse virtual space that is created on the basis of gaming and the role played by blockchain, is rapidly bringing new technological and transformational requirements. That’s why we all need a game changer! How to join the great gaming wave/what new knowledge do we need, what technology allows us to connect with the future, how to innovate and strategically direct business goals, how to attract the attention of the gaming community, what is the new e-commerce wave, are just some of the questions that they stand before us. The goal of the game changer is to create a unique environment that connects digital and business leaders with the generations to come. Through the strong transfer of knowledge and experience, is the idea that started us. Game changer brings part of the answer to the key question, how gaming perfect storm can work for us.

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