Starting this year, the GLOBAL CRYPTO AWARDS seeks to highlight the incredible achievements of Crypto and Blockchain companies, Individuals, groups, other associated businesses and Tokens who changed the lives of billions through borderless transactions, bringing technology to the remotest place on planet to make some difference and helping create an intermediary free lives, empowering those who are even deprived from getting local governmental support. The aim of the awards is to:

Encourage individuals, organizations, groups, businesses and community to continuously create better solutions to change the way world functions through Decentralisation and Blockchain technology.

Recognize as role models the significant contribution individuals, businesses, organizations and communities are making across Globe.

Acknowledge the hard work that individuals, businesses, organisations and communities are putting.

Reward the valuable contributions that individuals, businesses, organizations and communities are making throughout Globe.

Promote sponsors, partners and nominees as responsible Crypto and Blockchain citizens helping to build even greater things for future.

The very first edition of GLOBAL CRYPTO AWARDS culminate at the Online Awards Gala Presentation on December 2020 recognising the different category finalists and the naming of the different category winners.

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Featured Events
Dec 5th, 2024 — Dec 6th, 2024 Emergence Prague, Czech Republic
CLO Summit 2024
Dec 4th, 2024 — Dec 6th, 2024 CLO Summit 2024 Dana Point, California, United States
European Blockchain Convention 2024
Sep 25th, 2024 — Sep 26th, 2024 European Blockchain Convention 2024 Barcelona, Spain