One of the most noticeable outcomes of the pandemic has been the realization of improved results as a direct consequence of partnerships and collaboration. If anything, the past two years have opened the door to multiple partnerships that fill gaps, drive innovation, and disrupt entire industries.

Today, technology providers and vendors are presented with a golden opportunity to gain a competitive edge and address the vastly changed needs and demands of customers in a timely and cost-effective manner by seeking out technology and managed services partners. Indeed, those organizations that maintain an ongoing dialogue with key channel partners are able to foster greater collaboration and identify opportunities more quickly.

IDC Alliance is our premium flagship event for the partner ecosystem, and will present unparalleled opportunities for tech vendors to engage with a wide range of ‘Networkers’ – high-level representatives of distributors, telcos, managed service providers, systems integrators, ISVs, and consulting firms, to name just a few.

The event will showcase the latest channel and alliance trends, while recognizing those organizations that build, maintain, and foster solid partner ecosystems. This year’s theme is BUILD. As partners hunt for new customers, strive for increased brand awareness, and realize the need to differentiate, a series of BUILD presentations will unlock many of the most common challenges.

Constraints around resources, budgets, and legacy are threatening partner hopes of true transformation. The channel recognizes that change is required, but partners want direction and execution tools to create viable strategies and road maps.

IDC Alliance will lay out the building blocks for attainable future growth, outlining how partners can:

  • BUILD a sustainable base of new customers
  • BUILD a viable marketing strategy
  • BUILD long-lasting unique IP
  • BUILD stronger internal practices
  • BUILD a deeper support ecosystem
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Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson

Research Director, Channels & Alliances ,European Research, IDC UK

Mark Walker
Mark Walker

Associate Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa, IDC

Jonathan Tullett
Jonathan Tullett

Senior Research Manager, IT Services

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