Kuwait Fintech Summit is the definitive meeting place facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue with power packed networking opportunities among C-Level executives, leading Industry experts, decision makers, policy makers and government officials from across the value chain to foster collaboration, discuss current challenges, business opportunities, develop market strategies, share knowledge and identify solutions aimed at shaping the future of Fintech.

The disruptive power of Fintech is being felt across the Middle East as governments look to diversify their economies by increasing uptake of innovation and technology. This has created immense opportunities for Fintech.

In Kuwait, the banking industry is in the midst of a revolution, with Fintech being a key driver of this much-needed change. The Central Bank of Kuwait is spearheading Fintech innovation, evidenced by the recently established Fintech Unit, which will be supporting the Fintech regulatory sandbox. Kuwait’s finance sector is perhaps the best-established in the GCC and is home to the world’s oldest sovereign wealth fund – Kuwait Investment Authority. Kuwait’s unique financial ecosystem allows essential institutions to be more agile in adopting new technologies.

At Kuwait Fintech Summit, meet the people who matter – with over 500 industry experts, decision makers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and more in attendance, Kuwait Fintech Summit is the perfect platform to engage with the industry and make the virtual connections you need to drive business growth and stay ahead of the curve.

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Herve Tourpe
Herve Tourpe

Chief Digital Advisor, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Suleiman Barada
Suleiman Barada

Senior Advisor & Head of UABdigital, Union of Arab Banks

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