In 2023, we’ll continue setting new Metaverse standards, exploring integrative economies and mass-scalable technology with creators and innovators at the forefront of the ownership economy.

Here’s what’s new and upcoming for our 2023 event:

  • NEW Metaverse Tracks
  • Metaverse Technology & Innovation
  • Open Metaverse & Interoperability
  • Gaming Industry, Education, Social Platforms
  • Metaverse Commerce & Phygital Experiences
  • Governance, Regulations, Digital Sovereignty & Data Ownership
  • Arts, Fashion, Media, Sports & Entertainment Economy
  • More than 20+ industry verticals, 100+ Official Sponsors & Exhibitors will be joining us in delivering an ultra-impactful metaverse pioneering event.
  • 4000+ metaverse professionals from legacy brands, small businesses, and early-stage businesses with bleeding-edge technology, all attending to seek pioneering solutions for their growth and make powerful partnerships happen.
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