Join Rob Prior, Mogul, and other special guests to discuss the sudden rise and popularity of NFTs in the entertainment industry. Hear from industry titans in the blockchain, music, and film industries.

Rob Prior will be burning his original painting on camera at the end of the event and unveiling the digitized NFT after the burn! The Wolf of Wall Street inspired painting will have fiat money falling from the sky. It will be destroyed to signify that the future of artwork and Wall Street is meant to be on the blockchain.

Rob’s painting will only live on as a digitized ERC1155 NFT. It will be auctioned exclusively on the Mogul platform for 24 hours after the event.

During the event Rob will also be live painting his next two NFT drops, including a Marvel-inspired Deadpool rendition and a Star Wars painting of Luke Skywalker.

Join us for this iconic event that will go down in history; the first mainstream artist to burn his own artwork live on camera so it will only live on as an NFT.

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