The Vegas Blockchain Week 2019 lineup of highly anticipated events will welcome thousands of digital currency and blockchain technology executives and enthusiasts to discuss opportunities, innovation, change and growth in this emerging industry.

Developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise companies, startups and spectators will descend on Las Vegas from October 25th – October 31st to discuss opportunities, innovation, change and growth in this exciting and emerging technology.

“Vegas Blockchain Week is an inclusive gathering of minds from within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem,” said Eric Spire, CEO of EVOLV. “Until crypto and blockchain reaches its potential and mainstream adoption with consumers and businesses alike, the industry should not focus on forcibly competing with one another and fueling acts of ‘tribalism,’ but rather working together towards the common goal of gaining more mainstream users and changing the way we do business.”

There will be multiple events at the Vegas Blockchain Week 2019:

  • Michael Terpin’s CoinAGENDA Digital Currency Investing Event – October 25 – 27
  • Crypto IQ Trading Event with Charlie Shrem – October 28
  • The 2nd Annual Litecoin Summit Hosted by Charlie Lee – October 28 – 29
  • World Crypto Poker Tournament (WCPT) – October 29
  • EOS Alliance Annual Summit with Brock Pierce – October 29
  • WCC 2019 – October 29 – 31
  • WCC DEV CON – October 29 – 31

“Our goal is to bring the EOS community together. This event is all about working together and integrating with other blockchain efforts. Teamwork makes the dream work. All ships rise together with the tide,” stated Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Board of EOS Alliance and Chairman of the Board of The Bitcoin Foundation.

“The Litecoin Foundation is happy to be a part of such a concerted effort to unite developers in the blockchain,” added Charlie Lee. “It helps to showcase that there is room within the crypto space for projects and currencies to collaborate collectively, and still thrive individually. We’re excited to build off the success of last year’s first Litecoin Summit and create an even better experience this year.”

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Pei Chen
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Brendan Eich
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Brian Behlendorf
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Maxine Ryan
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Michael Terpin
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