10 Best Vanguard Funds for New Investors

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10 Best Vanguard Funds for New Investors
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With Vanguard, investors can purchase mutual funds with low risk and excellent performance over time. In this guide, we’ve collected some of the best Vanguard funds.

Vanguard Group Inc. is an investment advisory group that was started in 1975 by John Bogle. The firm is the biggest trader of mutual funds and is second to BlackRock iShares as the biggest supplier of ETFs. The firm offers a range of services ranging from trust services, even down to annuities (fixed and variable). Right now, Vanguard Group Inc. operates in 4 continents of the world (North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia), with almost 20,000 workers.

Vanguard has become one of the most widely sought-after investment corporations by new investors since their investment scheme has proven to be a reliable and cost-friendly fund management service today.

One Fund Investment with Vanguard

As expected of most new investors, they usually try to begin making investments with minimal risk stocks and portfolios to avoid losing their money or simply because the firm has a startup capital requirement. However, it is worthy to note that purchasing several different securities may minimize risks and losses. The following are a couple of Vanguard funds to look at if a user intends to begin with one fund given that it is fairly diversified:

  • Vanguard Wellesley Income (VWINX): This is one of the initial investment funds set up by Vanguard and it comprises bonds & stocks as its sole invested securities with bonds holding two-thirds of the investment plan. This gives an avenue for new investors to purchase at a smaller risk during start-ups although this brings minimal returns compared to other securities with higher risk purchases. While several standard investment plans mainly focus on stocks and bonds in a 60/40 ratio, this fund sources for dividend-paying stocks as a means of generating income. VWINX which has a start-up requirement of $3000 has shown massive progress than its counterpart since its inception. The fund has garnered over $58 billion in assets currently diversified in up to 1,345 divisions.
  • Vanguard Star Fund (VGSTX): This fund, which has a basic requirement of $1000 to invest primarily, focuses on stocks with short-term reserves and bonds taking a minimal one-third in the said investment scheme. The stocks are particularly focused on by new and existing investors with long-term projections and minimal risk on their capital. This fund currently has investment plans with a three, five- and ten-year time frame with a 7.46%, 6.69%, and 8.91% in each of the respective periods. It also focuses on a fixed income and is provided about 50 percent in equities from Morningstar. The fund has garnered over $20 billion in assets currently diversified in up to 10 divisions.
  • Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 (VFIFX): This fund is an example of the wide variety of offerings that Vanguard has to offer from its retirement plans. With its minimum requirement at $1000, target retirement funds are usually invested based on the retirement year specified. Shorter or closer retirement years mainly focus on lower-risk bonds while longer years are allocated more funds for stock investment which change as the years reduce with the fund preferable for retirees in 2050. While this fund seems expensive, it helps take up a large section of the portfolio and it compensates for this with a bigger profit. This fund is great for young investors already looking to start retirement plans.

Passive Investing with Vanguard Index Funds

Index mutual funds are by nature required to make analysis on current market elements and as a result, produce minimal returns on securities irrespective of the present condition of the market. Vanguard index funds have several unique offerings with a minimum requirement of $3000, options that are perfect for new investors.

  • Vanguard Balanced Index (VBIAX): This fund which is alike to the Star Fund is majorly regarded as a double index fund due to its combination of bonds & stocks. It is sparsely divided into a one to two ratio with stocks taking the bigger part between the two securities. The United States’ stock market is centered around its Total Market Index whose primary aim is to be a forefront for many micro, mini, medium, and large financial securities. This is also a very good stock fund because of minimal risk offering along with its availability for long-term capital projection. The funds’ asset publication for June 29, 2020, reported over $43 billion currently diversified in over 13,500 divisions. The fund also offers 8.16%, 7.37% and 9.45% in segments of three, five, and ten-years
  • Vanguard 500 Index (VFIAX): This index fund was the first fund set up by Bogle in 1976. It was called the First Index Investment Trust and it allows professional and individual investors to properly manage their funds by obtaining metrics from Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). It offers exposure to several divisions of the U.S stock market at minimal cost which is also fast and reliable to use. While VFIAX is an important portfolio to invest in, it does offer tremendous risks if investors do not diversify given that stocks are the main portion in the portfolio of several fortune 500 corporations.
  • Vanguard Total Stock Index (VTSAX): This fund analyses the U.S stock market and offers its investors insights into the library of research making it a popular and widely sought-after mutual fund. It also bears many similarities with the Vanguard 500 index but a wider insight with over 3000 company stocks at different prices. The funds’ asset publication for June 29, 2020, reported over $860 billion currently diversified in about 3500 divisions with its top divisions in Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. The fund also offers 30%, 28%, and 18% in a three, five, and ten-year investment span.
  • Vanguard Total International Stock Market Index (VTIAX): Having over 6000 equities, this fund represents securities that are not of the United States of America – stocks from other countries of the world, both upcoming and fully developed markets. If an investor is looking to mix things up on his/her portfolio, VTIAX is the way to do it. Given that it is a mutual fund, the VTIAX always makes trades on the net value of all securities and does not demand commissions on trades made. This Index has a 43% exposure in Europe, 30% exposure in Asia, 7% exposure in other North American countries other than America, and 19% exposure in other developing countries’ markets.
  • Vanguard Total Bond Market Index (VBTLX): Launched in late 1986, this fund bears similarities to VTSAX and provides investors access to the U.S bond market rather than the U.S. stock market all in one fund. This may be a better option for investors who are ready to take the risk and diversify their portfolio alignment due to its increased returns on investment. By the end of the second quarter, the total value of the market index was valued somewhere around $270 million in over 18000 separate divisions; with the current minimum buy-in price set at $3000.

Vanguard Small-Cap Stock and Sector Funds

Building a portfolio with small capital involves a great deal as extra care is required to manage financial securities. However, spending capital on small-cap securities and other aggressive funds attracts bigger returns on an investment fund which basically starts at a base price of $3000. Vanguard basically categorizes funds in this section in two:

  • Vanguard Explorer (VEXPX): Small-cap stocks are the primarily invested portfolio and a major income generation in this investment scheme with several stocks of about 600 to choose from. Diversifying into small-cap stocks are high risk but ensure long term profitability if several different stocks are chosen from rather than single bonds or debentures.
  • Vanguard Health Care (VGHCX): This fund is primarily aimed at generating income from the healthcare sector, which includes research and experiment centers, medical equipment production companies, and pharmaceutical organizations. With the advancement of technological research and a growing population in demand for health care service, VGHCX has consistently outperformed several other funds in the last 25 years with the fund generating 9.2 % annually in profits for 5 years running and 14.2% in the last 10 years. It is worthy to note that investments in diversified funds ensure low-risk tolerance compared to single industrial segments. Wellington Management who manages the funds holds purchased stock on an average of seven years.

Bottom Line

Vanguard funds are of no doubt the best investment starters for people who want to invest but lack the time or beginners due to their several offers which include, but not limited, to cheap management fees and minimal risk portfolio and funds. While they seem to be the best investment firm around, financial brokers, professional investors, and account managers should ensure diversification of funds to prevent high-risk portfolios. Some other plans offered by the most popular mutual fund group include IRA’s, 401(K) accounts and non-retirement accounts. As of right now, the firm is worth over $6 trillion and is the 5th most popular investment firm in the world

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