What Can You Purchase with Bitcoin (BTC)?

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What Can You Purchase with Bitcoin (BTC)?
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Thinking of spending your bitcoins? This guide will help you to choose among different online and offline stores which accept BTC.

Bitcoin is developing really fast, and as a result lots of merchants and companies start using it. This cryptocurrency has been adopted in various sectors, but there is a particular category of users who always deal with different local currencies and are able to appreciate the importance of bitcoin. These people are travellers.


BTCTrip is among the first companies that started using the cryptocurrency. In addition to bitcoin, users can book flights and make hotel reservations using litecoin and dogecoin.

Expedia, a well-known online travel company, announced bitcoin for hotel bookings. According to the company’s plans, BTC is going to become a part of the payment options for users at check-out, similar to such payment methods as PayPal and Visa. The company may also expand the payment option to other areas of its business, including flights.

Holiday Inn, a hotel located in Brooklyn, NYC, accepts bitcoin in its pilot project. If it is successful, the service may be used in other hotels owned by the group.

Howard Johnson hotel chain has also made possible for its clients to pay in cryptocurrency. Founded in 1954, the brand Howard Johnson now includes more than 440 hotels across North America, Latin America and Asia.

In 2013, Californian online travel agency CheapAir.com began accepting bitcoins for hotel reservations and railway bookings all over the world. As of July 2014, the company generated $1.5 million in bitcoin sales.

Naturally, both travel enthusiasts and those who prefer staying at home love the same thing: tasty food. Well, foodies may use their bitcoins as well!

Eating Out

Takeway.com is an online website featuring the list of about 7,500 restaurants that specialize on food delivery. The site’s users will be able to make orders online and pay with bitcoin.

Another popular website, Foodler, allows people to order their meals from restaurants all over the world. It enlists more than 13,000 locations in 3,150 cities.

Curryupnow.com provides a list of 12 restaurants that accept digital currency payments in San Francisco Bay Area.

Brick-and-mortar stores accepting the cryptocurrency include Home Depot, Sears, CVS and Kmart.

If you live in the UK, Honest Brew will offer to you a variety of more than 120 craft beers in exchange for digital money.

Texas-based foods supermarket chain, Whole Foods, made their products available for purchase in bitcoin with a gyft card from Gyft. The company, which is known for selling bio products, includes stores in the UK, USA and Canada.

If you want to have your meal at home, PizzaForCoins.com delivers pizzas and accepts cryptocurrency as well. To place an order, you have to choose pizza from the menu, send money to the provided bitcoin address and enter your delivery address. In case you’d like to visit some shops(online or real ones), there are various stores where you can pay in BTC.


Aspire Auctions is a perfect place for antiques lovers to spend their bitcoins. The website allows potential buyers to place bids in digital currency.

The NYC-based Euro Pacific Precious Metals (recently rebranded to SchiffGold) enabled buyers to make silver and gold purchases using bitcoin. BitPay serves as the payments processor.

Need clothes? Visit Las Vegas-based online clothing retailer Zappos to go shopping and pay in bitcoin.

European online retailer Showroomprive.com offers a broad range of products, among others clothing, accessories, homeware and cosmetics. Now, you can use your bitcoins to pay for all these goods.

Jeffersons Store is a clothing shop in New Jersey that also accepts virtual money.

Multiple computer and electronics e-commerce websites are offering their goods in exchange for bitcoin. Last summer computer giant Dell partnered with Coinbase to allow buyers to pay in cryptocurrency.

Another large retailer using digital currency is satellite TV service provider DISH Network. Given the fact that the company doesn’t have a large number of online retail stores and there is unlikely to be a lot of clients rushing to pay in digital currency, the move was done to gain advantage over its main competitors.

TigerDirect is another popular consumer electronics seller headquartered in Miami that has integrated bitcoin payments. It is now possible to exchange your bitcoin for the company’s phones, video games, tablets and netbooks.

Memory Dealers, hardware equipment and computer memory provider, is also a bitcoin-accepting business. The company manufactures memory modules to be used in Juniper, Cisco, Sun, PCs, laptops and legacy devices.

If you don’t know where to spend bitcoins, such websites as UseBitcoins.info, Spendbitcoins.com and Coinmap provide detailed information regarding all the merchants accepting the cryptocurrency.


The Simon Fraser University, located in Vancouver, Canada, integrated bitcoin payments at its bookstore. In addition, the university is accepting virtual currency for donations.

Another university that included bitcoin as a means of payment at its bookstore is the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

It is now possible to use your BTC to pay for your education. Orlando-based online education website Treehouse, accepts digital currency for web development and web design education services. The platform is being used by more than 70,000 students and offers tutorials on HTML, Android apps, CSS, PHP and other topics.


Some politicians have also decided to take the plunge into bitcoin. Thus, the Republican Party of Louisiana became the first political party that started accepting donations in cryptocurrency.

Gifts & Giftcards

Gift cards are accepted by such giant retailers as Target, Nike, Walmart and others. eGifter, GiftCardZen, iTradeBTC and Gyft are the leading gift card providers in the US. Meanwhile, in the UK, the company, called Pockio, offers gift cards which are accepted by 177 retailers, including Marks & Spencer, American Apparel and Ryan Air.

Australian gifts seller ShopJoy, US-based floral and gifts distributor 1-800-FLOWERS.COM are in the list of bitcoin-accepting businesses, too.


Such online newspapers, as Bloomberg.com and Suntimes.com are also accepting bitcoin. Zynga and Humblebundle.com are the online game websites that also use cryptocurrency.

For those, who want to find new friends or even love, online dating site OKCupid, accepts BTC as well. OKCupid belongs to IAC company, which also owns Vimeo, Match.co and Ask.com. The site, which is completely free, has more than 4 million users globally.

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