CEDEX.com is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets. With its extensive industry knowledge, CEDEX wants to engineer a ground-breaking change – enabling people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way. The CEDEX Exchange enables anyone to invest in individual diamonds, shares of a high-value stone or shares in a basket of diamonds (ETF). Traders can have full confidence in buying and selling, even without prior knowledge of diamond trading. Thanks to the DEX, our machine learning algorithm, and blockchain technology that rates a diamond’s asking price, the value of any diamond listed on the Exchange is completely transparent; liquid because it creates a two-sided market by enhancing both the supply and demand and standardized because CEDEX creates a unique benchmark value, rate and smart contract for every stone.

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ICO’s Details

  • ICO Opening Date:

    Fri, Mar 16th, 2018 12:00 AM

  • ICO Closing Date:

    Fri, Apr 13th, 2018 12:00 AM

  • Country of Origin:


  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Platform:



Saar Levi - CEO, Co-Founder
Ronen Priewer - Founder
Avner Levinstien - CTO, Senior Blockchain Developer
Evgeni Kif - Head of Product
Aviv Balassiano - Development Manager
Itay Regev - BI Developer
Kateryna Gordieieva - Senior QA Engineer
Aleksandr Rebenok - Database Administrator
Gadi Hayat - Strategic Marketing
Boaz Hilel - Global Business Development
Yael Eckstein - Marketing Manager
Ben Rosanes - Customer Relations Manager
Nissim Agami - Online Marketing Manager
Calvin Hau - Asia Business Development
Shigeo Akiyama - Business Development Japan
Ron Zeitlin - Security,IT Manager


Alex Norta
David Drake
Ehud D. Cohen
Jorge Rodriguez
Asaf Lahav
Jae Kim
Pialy Aditya
Christopher Bell

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