With more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, there are bound to be many that are functionally dead. This presents many challenges for cryptocurrency markets, as well as for the users of those currencies. Those users have their money locked in a network that doesn’t allow them to transact, or a currency that is not tradeable.
Cryptocurrency markets on the other hand, suffer from dilution of resources and reputational issues due to the sheer number of unusable coins. CoinJanitor aims to solve these problems by unlocking trapped value in these projects and at the same time create the much-needed public discussion of how best to recycle value from failed projects in the future.
CoinJanitor will achieve this by taking over failed projects. To do this we will exchange CoinJanitor tokens (JAN) for the delisted coins that users hold. We will then proceed to burn those tokens and coins that we acquire.

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Marc Kenigsberg - CEO
Asaf Yosifov - CTO
Tzahi Kanza - Biz Dev
Tzvi Shishler - CMO
Theo Morgan - Somers - CIO
Steven Gleiser - Economic Architect
Josef Marc - CEO At Publica
Warren Jacobs - MD At ActiveWin
Erik Benz - MD At Cryptopay
Ismail Malik - Editor In Chief ICO Crowd
Tey Al Rjula - Co-Founder of Tykn.Tech
Rosh Singh - FinTech Entrepreneur, Crypto Enthusiast
Christoph Hering - Founder, CEO at Payger
Edward Cunningham - Trippki.Com Founder
Sean Suckerman - CEO At Knocker Doodle
Josh Scigala - CEO At Vaultoro.Com


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