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ICO’s Details

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    To be announced

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    To be announced

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Matej Michalko - Founder, CEO
Matej Boda - Founder, CMO
Wayman Kwan - Founder, Non-Executive Director
Tibor Tarabek - CIO
Milan Gajdos - COO
Xiaomin Wang - General Manager China
Josef Sevcik - Chief Architect
Dr. Christian de Vartavan - Head of Academic and Institutional Relations
Peter Dendis - Head of Marketing
David Martinec - Project Manager
Linda Petrikova - Head of PR
Zuzana Gonova - PR Manager
Martin Smolka - Head of Product Development
Sandra Wantrubova - Community Manager
Olena Yanishevska - PR Manager
Patrik Csokas - IT Manager
Peter Pongracz - Business Development Manager
Martin Kincek - Analyst
Tomas Varga - Head of Strategy
Di (Daisy) Zhang - Community Manager China
Xiaolong (Ben) Pan - Event Manager China
Juraj Jurik - Graphic Designer
Daniel Potter - Marketing Specialist
Jana Bodova - Operations
Alzbeta Gramblickova - Senior HR Specialist
Gabriel Brockman - Copywriter
Alexandra Somodikova - Office Manager
Natalia Hudcovicova - Executive Assistant
Peter Skvarka - Core Developer
Richard Roznovjak - Core Developer


Yuanchun Tan - China
Dr. Shirley Yeung
Weiwu Zhang - Australia
Frantisek Borsik - Slovakia
Marek Zamecnik - Slovakia
Dr. Marian Podmajersky - Slovakia
Evandro Reis Matias - South America
Joao Guilherme Lyra - South America
Mo Alakiu Ajibola - Africa
Vilmond Jacques - United States & Caribbean
Andrew Wagner - Canada
Alona Sklarevica - Latvia
Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad - Germany, Switzerland, Austria

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