MindArk’s vision is to create a global ecosystem for the exchange and sale of intellectual property and digital assets on the IPX. With plans to establish the world’s first real-world bank to hold its capital in a digital currency, MindArk will be well positioned as a custodian of this ecosystem, while also pursuing additional research and development in deep technologies. These systems will be exclusively fueled by DeepToken.

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    To be announced

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    To be announced

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Jan Welter Timkrans - Creator of Entropia Universe
David Simmonds - Chief Executive Officer of MindArk
Henrik Nel Jerkrot - Chief Executive Officer of MindArk.
Magnus Eriksson - Chief Operations Officer at MindArk.
Gunilla Krogh - Chief Financial Officer at MindArk
Alf Svensson - Participates in a number of projects
Andreas Funksjö - Participates in a number of projects
Andreas Nordqvist - Participates in a number of projects
Camilla Winterfield
Christoffer Dymlind
David Jannesson
David Simonsson
David Singer
Dennis Antonsson
Joakim Antonsson
Joakim Karlberg
Johannes Darholm
John Borg
Justin Sorrell
Kaj Suokko
Krzysztof Prieditis
Magnus Ryme
Malin Gustafsson
Mathias Gustavsson
Mats Kling
Richard Örnemark
Scott Austin
Daniel Beijer
Sven Segerstad
Leo Welter
Nicklas Lindgren


Klas Moreau
Oliver Orma
Lawrence Wintermeyer
Shaun Klein
Hans Anderson
Jens Bader

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