Findora’s optimized zero-knowledge techniques enable a powerful fintech toolkit efficient enough for practical use. Findora features fast and high-throughput confidential asset transfers, scaling to thousands per second. Findora’s cryptographic accumulator allows validators to store kilobytes instead of terabytes.


Findora’s ledger is confidential and secured by users’ own private keys.  By default, identities, transaction amounts, and transaction metadata are encrypted. Even validators and storage providers can’t read the data. Users hold their own keys, and are always in control of their identity, assets and financial data.


Findora is translucent, revealing enough information for compliance purposes, but still protecting critical user data. Breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs like Bulletproofs enable efficient selective disclosure. Users can prove financial transactions are correct and compliant without revealing any sensitive information.


Findora’s Smart Asset Framework uses a standardized financial language to define assets. A highly compliant and programmable standard interface, Findora aims to support any imaginable asset, ranging from class A company shares to real estate investments.


Findora is powered by Finsense, a novel consensus protocol designed for global financial assets and compliance. Finsense will use state-of-the-art techniques to remain secure and operational in realistic network conditions. Attacks on consensus are hindered by economic costs and the difficulty of infiltrating the network’s fabric of institutional trust.

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ICO’s Details

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    To be announced

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    To be announced

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    Own wallet

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Charles Lu - Stanford, Binance Labs, Citadel, Facebook, AWS
Ben Fisch - Stanford Cryptography, Filecoin
Benedikt Bünz - Stanford Cryptography, Bulletproofs
John Powers - Former CEO Stanford Endowment
Joon Bhang - SVP Korbit, BCG, A.T Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Stanford GSB
Fernando Krell - Columbia PhD, Cryptography
Nathan Yospe - SAP, Google, RealtyShares, Raytheon, SDI
Jonathan Bertoni - Google, Queue Computing
Noah Golub - Stanford CS, Facebook, Vest


Dan Boneh - Stanford Cryptography
Rosario Gennaro - zk-SNARKs, IBM, MIT, CUNY
Balaji Srinivasan - Coinbase, Counsyl, Earn.com, Andreessen Horowitz

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