Gluon’s platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can monitor, track, tune, and diagnose the issues on them. Despite recent advances in automotive technologies such as selfparking and self-driving vehicles coupled with the improvement of alternative fuel sources, passenger vehicles have been largely left out of the connectivity discussion. Even with the advent of the Internet of Things, most vehicles today utilize technology to track and report on one vehicle at a time, and only when they are at the repair shop.

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Sameer Misson - Founder & CEO
Hakam Misson - Founder & President
Narinder Bajwa - Founder & CIO
Stuart Hockman - Founder & COO
Sumeet Singh - VP Development
Sandeep Suryavanshi - Technical Director
Pran Haran - Director Hardware Design
Chris Delano - Marketing Director
Mikko Tuomi - OBD Embedded Engineer
Ben Wardle - GM European Operations
Karan Teja - Software Engineer
Sourabh Bunnan - Embedded Engineer
Satish Mandavilly - Embedded Engineer
Marco Alsterfalk - OBD Embedded Engineer


Walt Spevak - Financial Advisor
Blaine Laney - Financial Advisor
Robert B. Dellenbach - General Counsel

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