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Designed for everyone from beginners to professional traders in cryptocurrency markets, the ITF platform uses cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence to send you actionable and personalized alerts to successfully trade in these nascent and volatile markets. Each alert is generated live and is a concise summary displaying either “BULLISH” or “BEARISH.” Each alert has a link to full details of the report which includes Technical Analysis based on Price & Volume Indicators and will include Sentiment indicators from social media and news sites (2Q18).

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ICO’s Details

  • ICO Opening Date:

    Fri, Aug 18th, 2017 12:00 AM

  • ICO Closing Date:

    Sun, Sep 17th, 2017 12:00 AM

  • Country of Origin:

    Hong Kong

  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Platform:



Thomas Counsell - Head of Engineering and Innovation
Benjamin Lakoff - Head of Finance and Strategy
Marcelo Barbosa - Lead developer


Poramin Insom - Advisor
Sebastian Bausch - Advisor

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