MEDIA Protocol is a smart contract that turns any URL into a blockchain wallet where funds can be distributed to consumers based on how they interact with the content URL.

This creates a new Audience Economy based on the value of each participant’s contribution to the success of a piece of content in their network.

Benefits to Customers
• Participate in a transparent economy around the
content that you interact with
• Exchange your interactions for frictionless access
to better content
• Incentivise industry actors to create better
content by giving them access to your data

Benefits to Brands
• Activate the networks you care about for effective content distribution
• Understand how to build more engaging content for audiences through better understanding of their interactions
• Become a trusted partner in a content ecosystem, where you partner with tribes and the audiences you care about

MEDIA Protocol will provide early adopters with the
technology and support to implement projects:
• Advice on best practice support
• Access to the Publisher Portal for interaction with the smart contract
• SDK for seamless integration across your network of sites and applications
• Access to Hybrid and Tracking Servers, and Recommendation Engines to quickly create impact

See it in Action: Download CryptoCatnip from the App Store (code: cc2018)
CryptoCatnip is a crypto news aggregator app using Media Protocol. It allows you to quickly browse the latest crypto news while collecting MEDIA tokens.

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ICO’s Details

  • ICO Opening Date:

    To be announced

  • ICO Closing Date:

    To be announced

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Thomas Graham - Co-founder
Martin Adams - Co-founder
James Tabor - CEO
Mark White - CTO
Josef Sevcik - Blockchain Developer
Katya Volkova - Head Data Scientist
Julia Bohutska - Data Scientist
Kostas Skourtis - Backend Developer
Gillis Van Den Broeke - Backend Developer
Mahmoud Hanafy - Backend Developer
Artur Rashitov - Backend Developer
Ahmed Mahran - Backend Developer
Sandra Lagarto - Product Manager
Vianney le Masne - Lead Designer
Sebastian Graham - Research & Strategy
Ed Coleridge Smith - Mobile Consultant
Ned Scott - Founder and CEO at Steemit
Andy Tian - CEO of Gifto
Dominique Delport - Global Managing Director at Havas Group
Ted Wang - Partner & Early Stage Investor at Cowboy Ventures
Mark Adams - Vice President and Head of Innovation at Vice


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