is a global messenger, social network and digital economy for moms – over 1.1 mln users, hyper-engaged with 60 min/user/day, world leader in parenting user-generated content (10x+ posts vs Babycenter’s entire portfolio), cashflow from ad campaigns with more than 100 leading international brands, venture-backed. Our legacy business, Babyblog, reaches over 43 mln unique users.
We have launched a native digital currency that rewards moms for material contributions to community growth and management, content creation and peer support. Moms also monetize their attention and personal data directly through incentivized engagement with 3rd party advertisers/ brands/commerce. Digital currency earnings will be used to purchase digital and physical goods, services and premium content offered by peers, platform and 3rd parties within the marketplace. Currency supply is limited, value will appreciate with growth in network, quantity of use-cases and individual markets within
The individual reward and redemption marketplaces that are being built in include advertising, personal data, p2p trade, freelance services, virtual goods and collectibles, charity, 3rd party goods, services and content. We will help moms earn online, spend more time at home and peg their new wealth to the growth of economy – through direct economic stake holding via tokens We believe that many moms – both in developed and emerging markets – will have a chance to escape poverty. Once our native currency achieves wide adoption by the advertisers/vendors within platform, it will become an effective universal engagement platform – at that point we expect the currency to be used by 3rd parties to incentivize moms on their own channels and platforms outside

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Sergey Shenderov - CEO
Andrey Solovyev - Head of Product
Igor Dragun - CTO
Eugeniy Kovtun - Senior blockchain engineer
Andrey Shatokhin - Senior IT infrastructure designer
Nikolay Migel - Senior mobile engineer
Nikita Fedrunov - Senior mobile engineer
Michael Callahan - Head of product marketing
Ekaterina Mikeladze - Head of Marketing & Sales
Sarah Schmalzried - Community management, SMM and digital marketing
Brittany Paulson - Community management, SMM and digital marketing
Ayelet Noff - PR
Varun Gupta - Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
Dee Anna McPherson - Marketing & PR


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