Instantly access your own health information. Reach out to the community and learn more about your condition. Connect with your care team at any time!

Get instant access to medical information history including complete notes from other provider organizations. Interact with patients and manage your practice efficiently!

Save costs on data breaches. Provide coordinated care and reduce readmission penalties as well IT expenses.

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ICO’s Details

  • ICO Opening Date:

    Wed, May 31st, 2017 12:00 AM

  • ICO Closing Date:

    Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017 12:00 AM

  • Symbol:


  • Blockchain Type:


  • Platform:



Chrissa McFarlane - Founder/CEO
Jesse Brown - CTO
Michael Beer - Lead Developer
Michael Rubin - Marketing
Bob Logan - Business Development
Mohan Ramanuja - Technology Specialist
Sonya Rush - Outreach and Recruitment


Peter Kung - Advisor - Healthcare Strategy
Geetha Rao - Advisor - Regulatory & Product Strategy
Frenesa Hall, MD - Advisor - Clinical Strategy
Nigel Waller - Advisor - Mobile Strategy
Rick Brounstein - Advisor- Finance
Richard DiMonda - Advisor - Commercialization
Rodney Sampson - Advisor - Growth Hacking
Shawn Wilkinson - Advisor

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