Swytch is a blockchain based application that seeks to verify and reward the production of renewable energy through the issuance of an ERC20-compliant utility token. Swytch has a 1.5 gw pilot program operating in Germany, and has signed MOUs with four cities in Korea. Swytch attaches an IOT device to renewable energy sources that verifies the energy produced and reports it to an oracle that determines how many tokens that energy is worth based on a number of factors, which includes: geography, time of day, source of energy produced. We call this Proof of Production, and for this industry it solves the problems inherent with PoW and PoS.

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Shawn Harmsen - Senior Fullstack Developer
Eric Miller - Director of Product and Lead Blockchain Developer
Youngsook Park - VP of Business Development
Andrew Pearsons - Managing Director
John Clippinger - Cofounder and Head of Token Innovation
John Redpath - Cofounder
Evan Caron - Cofounder and Managing Director
Troy Martin - Director of Compliance and Governance


Richard Kastelein - Founder, Blockchain News Writer, Publisher, & Entrepreneur
Samuel Visscher - Founder, Fish & Bits B.V. Blockchain & Software Engineer
Curt Lefebvre - CEO, nDimensional
Thomas Hardjono - Technical Director, MIT Internet Trust Consortium
Brad Hardin - CTO, Black and Veatch
Peter Hirshberg - Principal, Maker City Project
Tony Seba - Stanford University – Clean Energy Expert
Kent Larson - MIT Media Lab – Director, City Sciences
Mickey McManus - Visiting Research Fellow at Autodesk, Senior Advisor at BCG, Co-Author, Trillions

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