Telegram is uniquely positioned to establish the first mass-market cryptocurrency by providing a platform that combines these properties.
Telegram will use its expertise in encrypted distributed data storage to create TON, a fast and inherently scalable multi-blockchain architecture. TON can be regarded as a decentralized supercomputer and value transfer system. By combining minimum transaction time with maximum security, TON can become a VISA/Mastercard alternative for the new decentralized economy.
The Telegram Team will rely on its 10-year experience in building user-friendly interfaces for tens of millions to create light wallets, exchanges, and identification services that will allow users to get on board with cryptocurrencies in an intuitive way.

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    To be announced

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    To be announced

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Pavel Durov - Co-founder, CEO, Product Manager at Telegram
Dr. Nikolai Durov - Co-founder, CTO, Architect, Lead C/C++ Engineer at Telegram
Kolar - Backend/Frontend Engineer at Telegram
Igor - Lead Backend Engineer at Telegram
John - Client C++ Engineer at Telegram
Aliaksei Levin - C/C++ Engineer at Telegram
Arseny Smirnov - C/C++ Engineer at Telegram
Vitalik Valtman - C/C++ Engineer at Telegram
Igor - Infrastructure Architect at Telegram
Ilya - iOS/Swift Engineer at Telegram
Peter - iOS/Swift Engineer at Telegram
DrKlo - Android Engineer at Telegram
Grisha - Cross Platform Developer at Telegram


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