The Future of Retirement Funding is Fully Regulated Peer-to-Peer Tontines secured by the Blockchain.TontineTrust is developing a distributed ledger platform which removes the cost layers involved in traditional longevity risk solutions such as life-annuities. The Tontines will be administered by an unbiased, mathematically robust “Smart-Actuary” which is expected to deliver variable lifetime incomes for retirees starting 40%+ higher than many traditional annuity products.

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Dean McClelland - CEO responsible for Product Development, Establishing Partnerships
Jon Matonis - Chairman, Strategic Adviser Bitcoin & Blockchain, Entrepreneur
Jörg Platzer - Board Member, Strategic Adviser BTC, Blockchain, Tontines Expert Cryptoeconomist
Richard K. Fullmer - Actuarial Strategist, Asset Allocation Director
Dr. Michael J Neish - Quant / Programmer responsible for Product Engineering & Payout Trajectory Optimisation
Marcin Zduniak - Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech
Nedda Kaltcheva - Technical Architect Govt. Scale Systems
Max Haran Doyle - Ex-UBS advisor to the Russian State now Digital Strategy & Project Manager
Marcus Fuchs - Fund Manager M.D. CEE + MENA Region


Eamon Bermingham - International Pensions Investment Director acting as Expert Advisor

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