We created the B2B2C tourism platform based on blockchain and unique algorithm expressed in cryptocurrency as universal travel streaming channels linked with open loyalty points system and purchasing marketplace for the tourism industry.

Our mission is to offer a Global Platform, which is running fluently for a present and future tourism. We create a new wave of communication and transactions between travelers, tourism spots, global tourism companies, suppliers, bloggers and influencers. We combined loyalty points with cryptocurrency on one transaction and video stream between all vendors. Tourism never is like Travvil before.

Travvil platform based on blockchain to reduce the final price for tourism purchases such as hotels rooms, airline tickets, transportation, tours and travels for end customers.

Live streamings between platform participants allow our community to find a fast and direct answer where to go, when and how.

All activities on our platform will be rewarded by unique Global Loyalty Points System based on our cryptocurrency.

From each Travvil transaction, 0,9% will be distributed to local organizations taking care of beaches and tourism spots cleaning.

Are you disappointed with how to search for optimal travel destinations, particularly beaches?

Are you looking for solutions to find the best places and offers, in order to keep your budget tight?

Do you not understand why your loyalty points in your favorite system expired or how to manage them?

Are you looking for real tips, recommendations and help before travel?

We cover it all and that’s what makes our product special and allow us to convert it into fully independent community.

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ICO’s Details

  • ICO Opening Date:

    To be announced

  • ICO Closing Date:

    To be announced

  • Country of Origin:

    Poland, UK, Singapore

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Jakub Mazurkiewicz - CEO and Travvil Founder
Dawid Kustra - COO @ Travvil
Maciej Kwas - CTO @ Travvil


Lukasz Paszkiewicz - Executive Advisor
Rafal Pytlak - Legal Advisor
Gina Amama - Millennials Travel and Africa Expert
Rafal Jarosz - Customer Care Advisor
Agnieszka Chabrzyk - Facebook marketing & performance expert
Robert Mrozinski - IT and Security Advisor
Jarek Sygitowicz - IT Strategy Advisor
Grazyna Bialopiotrowicz - Communication Advisor
Jakub Stępniak - Marketing Advisor

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