Kora: Hottest Token Sale of 2018 Raises $12 million

June 29th, 2018 at 7:47 am UTC · 2 min read

Kora believes in collaboration above competition and that’s why partnerships for growth is at the core of the company’s core values. Kora’s partners include key organizations in the blockchain space and include Consensys’ Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, Aeternity, Stellar, Coinfirm, and Rivetz, as well as major local partners in Africa including Trade Finance Market and Africa’s Talking.

Africa’s hottest blockchain project “Kora” took the crypto world by storm when it reached its hardcap of USD 12 million. The crypto world is in a frenzy as Kora is poised to take center stage again as it goes live on exchanges from July 5th. It’s first exchange listing would be UEX “A leading trading platform for digital assets exchange aggregating quality blockchain projects”.

Only recently, Kora surpassed market expectations by closing its token sale in 10 days. The general market conformity is that Kora is one of the few promising projects of 2018 that will survive the future trends in the market. Kora now aims to build out its infrastructure, while also working to inject liquidity into its network by listing on major exchanges in Asia and around the world.

From Dickson Nsofor, the CEO of Kora:

”Using the Kora blockchain, it will be possible to develop a viable and scalable business model to the unbanked. I am favored to lead a very strong, experienced and diverse team with the guidance of distinguished board of directors”.

About Kora

Kora was founded by Dickson Nsofor in 2017. Kora provides an infrastructure for an inclusive financial system built on the blockchain. The Kora Network will provide access to Identity, Secure Storage, Money Transfer, & Marketplaces on a low cost, universally accessible platform accessible with internet access via a mobile app and enabled by blockchain technology.

Kora Bounty Program

Join Kora‘s bounty program and become part of the thriving Kora community!

Kora is excited to announce the launch of the Bounty Program, which will run from June 28th until July 12th. This will be an exciting and innovative program that is full of rewards and surprises. Best of all, participation is easy!

Please have a look at Kora bounty program link. Here you can find all the details about the bounties available. The more you get involved, the more rewards you will get! All tokens will be distributed after the bounty is closed on July 12th.