Blockchain-based Ojamu Is Reshaping Marketing Strategy Using AI

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Blockchain-based Ojamu Is Reshaping Marketing Strategy Using AI
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Singapore-based SaaS platform Ojamu combines blockchain with artificial intelligence (AI) to take the guesswork out of brand marketing.

According to the latest “Audience of One” report released by the visual experience platform Movable Ink, a staggering 65% of consumers are overwhelmed by the marketing communications they receive from brands. The same report found that one-fourth of consumers unsubscribe from emails when the brand gets personalization wrong.

What’s more, 33% of respondents said they’ve received “inaccurate product recommendations.” If you provide a personalized experience in your marketing communications, almost 70% of consumers would become loyal to the brand. It should make you rethink your marketing strategy.

The statistics are quite surprising because, today, brands are collecting more data than ever before. Greater data collection is helping them understand consumer behavior, preferences, and interests. 

But most marketers are still unhappy with the outcomes of their marketing campaigns. A recent Cheetah research shows that 65% of brand marketers admit that poor quality data makes it difficult for them to deliver a personalized experience. And we know what consumers do when the marketing is not personalized.

Most Brands Blindly Throwing Darts in the Air

Consumers tend to show a clear preference for brands that not only address their needs but also connect with them on a personal level. Brands may have massive amounts of data, but their digital marketing efforts often don’t deliver the desired results because they struggle to process the data and build a deep understanding of consumer preferences.

So, what most brands do is that they send out massive amounts of marketing materials – PPC ads, emails, coupons, social media ads, and more – and expect that something would work. It’s like blindly throwing darts in the air in the hope that at least one of them would hit the bullseye. 

Imagine a customer being bombarded with too many marketing messages that don’t cross the threshold of relevance and personalization. It will annoy the hell out of them.

Guesswork Doesn’t Drive Marketing Success

Thankfully, blockchain-based MarTech solutions have emerged to help brands personalize their messaging without creeping the consumers out. Singapore-based SaaS platform Ojamu combines blockchain with artificial intelligence (AI) to take the guesswork out of brand marketing.

Ojamu’s AI algorithms collect and analyze hundreds of millions of data points in the target industries. It feeds the data into a Neural Predictive Engine to create accurate buyer personas and predict the most effective marketing strategy across different channels such as social media, online publications, podcasts, PPC ads, influencer marketing, etc. 

The Singapore company uses AI-trainable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give brands a detailed roadmap to deliver customized messaging on the right channels to gain visibility, mindshare, and wallet-share.

Closing Thoughts

The mobile economy has significantly increased the opportunities for brands to collect consumer data. But the success of your marketing strategy depends on two things. One, ensuring that the data is useful, relevant, and actionable. And another, your ability to analyze data, acquire insights, and create the most effective marketing strategy for your brand, product, or service. Blockchain solutions such as Ojamu are helping brands in both aspects.

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