About Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce retailer formed originally to provide consumers with products in two segments. It offers users with merchandise and content purchased for resale from vendors and those offered by third-party sellers.

Operating in North American and International markets, Amazon provides its services through websites such as and It also enables authors, musicians, filmmakers, app developers, and others to publish and sell content via its branded websites.

Amazon also provides Kindle Direct Publishing, an online platform that allows independent authors and publishers to make their books available in the Kindle Store. In addition, it provides co-branded credit card agreements and advertising services, serves developers and enterprises through Amazon Web Services, and manufactures and sells electronic devices.

It offers Amazon Prime which is an annual membership program. It provides free shipping, streaming, and access to books to borrow and read on a Kindle device.

Amazon Details
Operating Status: Active
Business Type: Private
Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States
CEO: Jeff Bezos
Founders: Jeff Bezos
Amazon News
Is Microsoft (MSFT) Stock a Better Investment Choice Than FAANG?
October 11th, 2019

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) stock as well as a few other software firms, have been doing great and even outperformed FAANG in 2018. The trajectory has continued into 2019 and MSFT just might be taking some shine away from FAANG.

Apple (AAPL) Stock On The Verge Of A Crash As iPhone 11 Defect Appears
October 10th, 2019

Apple (AAPL) stock this year has been quite impressive as it has outperformed pretty much all others with significant growth. But a problem has emerged with the iPhone 11 screen, threatening this bull run.

Here’s How Much You’d Make If You Invested $1,000 in Google 10 Years Ago
October 10th, 2019

In its 21 years of existence, Google (GOOGL) has been able to surge its profits consistently, many times over. The company is now one of the largest in the world and has pulled in more than 600% profits in the last decade.

Sony PlayStation 5 Officially Launches ‘Holiday 2020’ with a New Controller
October 9th, 2019

SONY has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will launch during the 2020 Christmas season. The surprise announcement was made yesterday and is the first confirmation of the new console’s name.

Taboola and Outbrain to Merge Into a $2 Billion Company
October 4th, 2019

Taboola and Outbrain are finally coming together in a cash-equity deal under the Taboola brand. The deal, announced today, will give Outbrain’s shareholders $250 million along with 30% ownership in Taboola.

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