AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization founded in 1987 to provide medical care for individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Under the leadership of founder and president Michael Weinstein, AHF has since 2015 become highly active in sponsoring ballot initiatives in multiple states, exclusively financing multiple high profile campaigns, including two measures seeking to cap prescription drug prices, as well as one seeking to block local development in Los Angeles, and one seeking to introduce rent control in California, all of which failed at the polls.

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation News


  • Peter Reis

    Peter Reis

    Senior Vice President

  • Scott Carruthers

    Scott Carruthers

    Chief Pharmacy Officer

  • Michael Wohlfeiler

    Michael Wohlfeiler

    Chief of Medicine, Domestic US

  • Terri Ford

    Terri Ford

    Chief of Global Advocacy & Policy

  • Lyle Honig

    Lyle Honig

    Chief Financial Officer