Akelius focuses on residential properties in cities with strong growth and potential of upgrading. Ninety percent of the apartments are located in cities with more than one million inhabitants: Berlin, Boston, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Montreal, Munich, New York City, Paris, Stockholm, Toronto, Washington D.C. Akelius is the largest listed real estate company in Sweden. The property holdings amount to ten billion euros. Akelius Foundation helps people in need and is the world’s largest donor to SOS Children’s Villages. An important part of Akelius concept is better living. This means that Akelius upgrades residential units to a quality level with newly constructed apartments. Akelius only upgrades vacant apartments. Every year Akelius renovates four thousand apartments for two billion euros. Akelius also renovate facades, staircases, entrances and courtyards of the properties. The apartments are fitted with parquet flooring and quality kitchens and bathrooms. That includes high quality appliances, sanitary porcelain, rectified tiles and clinkers. The concept Better Living also includes an excellent service. Akelius wants the tenants to feel safe in and near their home. First-class performance requires top talents. Training takes place in the Akelius Business School. Akelius are striving to be the leading real estate company when it comes to educate our own staff. Hundreds of employees have graduated in Residential Real Estate from Akelius Business School. Akelius has one thousand employees and is growing steadily.

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