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Earnin’s mission is to build a financial system that works for people. Every year, while Americans wait for their paychecks, more than $1 trillion of their hard-earned money is held up in the pay cycle. As a result, we accumulate over $50 billion in late and overdraft fees and turn to high-interest loans. We seek to eliminate those fees and put money back into workers’ hands. Our financial system doesn’t work for people. But Earnin does. Earnin is an app that lets people get paid as soon as they leave work, with no fees, interest, or hidden costs. App users can receive their money in their bank account instantly at little or no cost – as we operate on a pay what you choose model. All they need is a bank account and a job that provides direct deposit or uses electronic timesheets. At Earnin we’re building the way we think a financial system should work for everyone, not just the people who can afford it. We help people take control of their money and get to a better financial place. Our goal is not only to provide great products at little or no cost to the people who need them but also to inspire kindness across the financial world and eventually across all industries.

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