Nextbank is a cloud-based core banking system built with a promise to eliminate costs of using old-fashioned, expensive, hard to implement and maintanance products. The company has a software package which offers all the systems necessary to maintain client deposit accounts, term deposits, microfinance and secured loans, and to automate accounting, internal and regulatory reporting via web and mobile apps.

NextBank, World’s First Bitcoin Bank, Halted Crowdfunding, Received $2.35M
December 8th, 2015

The World’s First Bitcoin bank NextBank has recently stopped its public crowdfunding campaign.

Bitcoin Bank NextBank Halts Crowdfunding, Receives 2.35 Million USD Total
November 24th, 2015

The World’s First Bitcoin bank NextBank has stopped their public crowdfunding campaign.

World’s First Bitcoin Bank NextBank Receives $950K Investment and Opens for Early Registrations
November 11th, 2015

The world’s first truly international Bitcoin bank NextBank is preparing to launch during 2016 after successfully raising 950 000 USD seed investment capital. NextBank is now taking early registrations.

NextBank, the World’s First Bitcoin Friendly Bank, Announces Upcoming Launch
October 26th, 2015

NextBank is planning to launch a new bitcoin banking platform that will make it easier for bitcoin community to use financial services worldwide.

World’s First Bitcoin Friendly Bank NextBank Announces Upcoming Launch Establishes ‘NB Formation Company’
October 26th, 2015

NextBank’s mission is to provide advanced banking services for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users worldwide. NextBank will offer international Debit Cards, accounts denominated in both fiat such as USD and various cryptocurrencies, SWIFT transfers, an escrow service, currency exchange, and much more.