About R3

R3 is an innovation firm focused on building and empowering the next generation of global financial services technology. It leads a consortium of over 200 financial companies in research and development of blockchain usage in the financial system.

R3 Details
Operating Status: Active
Business Type: Private
Founded: 2014
Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
Founders: David Rutter
R3 News
Russian Alfa-Bank Joins the Marco Polo Network to Pioneer Trade Finance with Blockchain Technology
March 7th, 2019

Alfa-Bank announced that it joined the Marco Polo Network to bring significant efficiencies in financing trade and working capital.

SWIFT’s GPI Counters Ripple’s Emergence in the Global Money Remittance Space
March 1st, 2019

SWIFT’s GPI riposte initiative reported growth from 15% to 56% representing a 270% year-on-year change enabling the company to shun its competitors and move at least $40trn in 2018.

SBI CEO: ‘Every Bank In Japan Will Use Ripple’s XRP By 2025’
February 27th, 2019

Ripple‘s XRP token currently bears further uplifting news as SBI, which is a Ripple enthusiast, has planned to have a few banks in Japan and utilize the token by the 2025 Osaka Expo.

MonetaGo to Port Fraud Mitigation Network to R3’s Corda Enterprise
February 27th, 2019

MonetaGo’s Fraud Mitigation Network built on Corda to go live in early 2019 in Mexico.

XRP Can Now be Used at 4,500 e-Stores Worldwide as CoinGate Adds New Payment Option
February 4th, 2019

Unlike cryptos added to CoinGate’s listing earlier, XRP is not logged on the blockchain, as CoinGate launched an XRP ledger validator to “further accelerate the decentralization of the $XRP network”. 

Latest Companies' News

Despite several delays in its launch, Bakkt’s valuation currently stands at $740 million with major financial institutions holding their stake in the platform.

Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin

A new blockchain ecosystem Skycoin has recently introduced the developer version of decentralized Internet Skywire, a mesh network of interconnected devices.

Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure

In his recent interview, Vitalik Buterin explained why Ethereum price is important for the crypto industry and answered to many other questions.

Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers

Crypto market is still away from reaching its full potential, and new players should be incentivized to enter the field. Streamex.io comes up with a fresh solution.

Online Services Behemoths, Square and Facebook, Heavily Target Blockchain Opportunities

Facebook and Square rank among the notable institutional investors making significant investments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. They aim to benefit from the potential mass adoptions.

Lightning Labs Releases Loop Feature to Improve Bitcoin Payments on Lightning

Lightning Labs has announced alpha release of Lightning Loop aimed to imrove the efficiency, scalability, and usability of Lightning.