Rainier AG is a privately owned, independent Swiss asset management firm offering wealth management, fiduciary and securities trading services to clients world-wide. In working with our international clients we strive to find a perfect balance between the centuries-old Swiss tradition of privacy and reliability in financial services with modern compliance requirements and technological advances.

Rainier AG is also developing an ecosystem envisaged to bring fiat money and cryptocurrencies together as a single integrated financial tool. This ecosystem will include 1stX, an international STO exchange platform; DIMM, a crypto trading platform; and MIGOM, a European-based electronic money institution, designed to enable users to carry out financial operations using both crypto and fiat currencies.

It is a policy of Rainier AG to make security and transparency a priority for both the issuers and the holders of tokens. The company is developing its ecosystem in full accordance with all applicable regulations. Moreover, the company works closely with other industry-leading firms in order to develop technological products that have the potential to overcome many of the issues that the financial world faces today.

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