WeWork is an American real estate company that provides shared workspaces for technology startups, and services for other enterprises. Founded in 2010, it is headquartered in New York City. As of 2018, WeWork manages 46.63 mill. sq. ft.

WeWork designs and builds physical and virtual shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and companies. WeWork has more than 5,000 employees in over 280 locations, spread across 86 cities in 32 countries.

In January 2019, the firm announced it would be rebranding to The We Company. According to the Wall Street Journal, since the release of a public company prospectus in 2019, it “has been besieged with criticism over its governance, business model and ability to turn a profit.” WeWork lost over $2 billion in 2018.

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Shared workspaces and related services.

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