‘Kak Tebe Takoe, Elon Musk?’ Billboard Placed Next to the SpaceX Office

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‘Kak Tebe Takoe, Elon Musk?’ Billboard Placed Next to the SpaceX Office
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The forum “Case for Small” is organized by the administration of the Krasnodar Territory and is scheduled for October 18-19. So, Russian entrepreneurs have decided that Elon Musk should definitely join them.

Billboards are usually used as an ad, announcement for different happenings, commercial for stores, etc. Rarely, they can be used as messaging boards to someone you know. We were witnessing some political parties with their messages inviting the local community to vote for them, we even witnessed proposals. However, the crew from Russian Kuban region had something else in mind – and boy, was it original.

They decided to invite a famous entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to attend a business event that will take place there in October. So what they did is they asked him a question that read “Kak tebe takoe Elon Musk?” or, in English – “How do you like that Elon Musk?”


The message is carefully placed at the huge space that is somehow apparently composed of more billboards that are installed in the surrounding district of the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Next to the photo of the famous entrepreneur is the QR code displayed that, if somehow decrypted, leads to a website called welcomeelon.com which provides some details about the upcoming event.

When you come to the website (or when Elon would come to the website) you can watch a humorous video and read this message:

“Dear Elon, the only thing this video will hack is your heart. Join us in inspiring young entrepreneurs across Russia and the world as we create a more unified platform for invention and trust.”

The video itself, is titled ‘Only Elon in Our Hearts’, and is a funny and vigorous spin-off of the classic Soviet song ‘Winged Swings’.

And of course, as we could guess, a bunch of notoriously funny internet memes came along.

Some were explaining “lifehacky” inventions:

… that you have to admit is really useful


…even environment friendly:


… and again – useful:


It’s still not known if Musk has seen this really original message but we have no doubt that he will soon respond.
For now, we believe he is pretty busy with his SpaceX program and tweeting about it.

In last 72 hours Musk kept answering numerous questions about how exactly Starship should pass through orbital reentries – that will be definitely the most difficult period for the ship and without any doubts the one of the most challenging engineering problem SpaceX has to resolve.

Of course there is also a lawsuit that one angry Tesla shareholders filed against the company over its buying of the solar-panel company SolarCity in 2016.

The opening brief for the lawsuit, was filed three years ago but it was pretty harshly revised. The eight listed suers, (pension funds in general) are accusing Tesla that it acquired SolarCity, founded by Musk’s cousins – Lyndon and Peter Rive, at an inflated price.

“The accusations made in the plaintiff’s brief are false and misleading, as Tesla and SolarCity published all material information in its proxy and other public filings for all shareholders to consider before deciding on the transaction,” said a Tesla representative.

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