Latest STO News

Though ICOs have already lost their positions, STOs, being regulated and more secure, are still here. Marvin Steinberg has shared his vision on the benefits STOs can bring to investors.

In a global first move, six Japanese securities firms join hands to create a self-regulating “Japan Security Token Association” which will bring Securities Token Offerings (STOs) to the centerstage.

Have STO’s Delivered on Their Promise?

Security Token Offerings were believed by many to be supposed messiah for the Crypto space and the harbinger of adoption in traditional finance outlets. They were the next revolutionary step in Blockchain-based fundraising, and who could blame them?

Brazil’s BTG Pactual Selling $1 Billion in STOs Using Tezos Blockchain

The Tezos Foundation announced signing a $1 billion deal with South America’s largest standalone investment bank, Banco BTG Pactual, and the Dubai asset management firm Dalma Capital to use Tezos blockchain for Security Token Offerings (STOs).

NEO Global Development Invests and Partners with Liquefy to Develop a Security Token Ecosystem

NEO Global Development announced today that it will invest in and partner with Liquefy, to develop a NEO based security token ecosystem and allow asset owners to issue security tokens based on NEO.

Token Offerings Raised $1.55 Billion, is VC Still a Thing?

Is Venture Capital in crypto still a thing? With the obvious benefits, what token offerings bring to the table for both subscribers to token offerings and token issuers?

Hedge Against the Stock and Crypto Markets with This Massive (Tokenized) Copper Mine

In this article, you’ll find out how to minimize your overall portfolio risk with a hedge against the stock and cryptocurrency market using innovative implementation of blockchain tech.