Leaseum Partners is raising a $250 million Fund to invest in New York City commercial property. Fund shares are available as Blockchain-based tokens or as traditional shares

Invest in the world’s largest economy
The US benefits from a stable macro-economic environment with record levels of employment and consumer confidence

Asset-Backed Security Tokens
Leaseum tokens are shares of a Real Estate investment fund. Token holders will receive dividends, capital gains, and voting rights

Cutting-edge financial engineering
Our Smart Real Estate Value Tracker mechanism will use potential market volatility to increase the yield for token holders

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STO’S Details

  • Pre-STO Opening Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • Pre-STO Closing Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • STO Opening Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • STO Closing Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • Symbol:

  • Blockchain Type:

  • Token Type:

  • Finance Information
  • Company Name:

    Leaseum Partners International

  • Country of Incorporation:

    Cayman Islands

  • Company Address:

    c/o Hermes corporates services Ltd, Fifth floor, Zephyr house, 122 Mary street, George town, P.O. Box 31493, Grand Cayman KY1-1206, Cayman Islands.

  • Whitelist:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC):

    Not Required

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML):

    Not Required


  • Jeremy Bokobza

    Jeremy Bokobza

    Blockchain & Cybersecurity

  • Jonny Fry

    Jonny Fry

    Blockchain Advisor

  • Gurvinder Dhaliwal

    Gurvinder Dhaliwal

    Cross Asset Trading

  • Barry Seeman

    Barry Seeman

    Investors Relations

  • Peter Lennon

    Peter Lennon

    Legal & Compliance Advisor

  • Sydney Ifergan

    Sydney Ifergan



  • Steve Sillam

    Steve Sillam


  • David Dahan

    David Dahan

    Chief Investment Officer Real Estate

  • Michael Chetrit

    Michael Chetrit

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager

  • Michael Abib

    Michael Abib

    Head of Financial Engineering

  • Lior Abehassera

    Lior Abehassera

    Head of Investor Relations

  • Julien Callede

    Julien Callede

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Rui Soares

    Rui Soares

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Julianne Sloane

    Julianne Sloane


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