Generating revenues of £9m over the past 16 months, TokenMarket is combining the best features of early stage capital fundraising with the latest technology to remove the inefficiencies of the outdated securities market.

An award winning strategic and technology advisory firm, with offices in London, Dubai, Gibraltar and Helsinki, the company has advised over 30 token sales, raising over £240 million via their platform. TokenMarket provides end-to-end token issuance including fund collection, compliance, and marketing for their clients.

With inclusion to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Sandbox to tokenise securities and regulation leadership across the globe, TokenMarket is looking to expand its advisory work into the world of Security Token Offerings (STOs). The team is applying the benefits enabled by blockchain and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) space to the traditional markets of equity and debt, giving investment access to their established investor base of over 170,000.

TokenMarket is now raising its Series A by way of a Security Token Offering on its own issuance platform that is being pioneered within the UK’s FCA Sandbox.

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STO’S Details

  • Pre-STO Opening Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • Pre-STO Closing Date:

    To be announced (UTC)

  • STO Opening Date:

    Mon, Jul 8th, 2019 12:00 AM (UTC)

  • STO Closing Date:

    Mon, Jul 22nd, 2019 12:00 AM (UTC)

  • Symbol:

  • Blockchain Type:

  • Token Type:

  • Finance Information
  • Company Name:

    TokenMarket Technologies Ltd

  • Country of Incorporation:


  • Whitelist:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC):


  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML):



  • Ransu Salovaara

    Ransu Salovaara

    CEO & Founder

  • Mikko Ohtamaa

    Mikko Ohtamaa

    CTO & Founder

  • Ryan Hanley

    Ryan Hanley

    VP Business Development

  • Teemu Sorvisto

    Teemu Sorvisto

    VP Business Operations

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Head of Engineering

  • Tom Leadbetter

    Tom Leadbetter

    Director of Marketing

  • Peter Bradley

    Peter Bradley

    Legal Counsel

  • Adrian Faulkner

    Adrian Faulkner

    General Counsel

  • Rainer Koirikivi

    Rainer Koirikivi

    Exchange Lead Developer

  • Nertila Bardhi

    Nertila Bardhi

    Digital Asset Analyst

  • Fredrik Schauman

    Fredrik Schauman

    Dubai MD

  • Christian Tversted

    Christian Tversted

    Business Development Manager

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