Earthmeta Earthmeta Launches Viral Campaign With A Chance To Win Some Truly Extravagant Gifts

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read Launches Viral Campaign With A Chance To Win Some Truly Extravagant Gifts
Photo: / Facebook, provider of innovative blockchain technologies to financial markets, is set to run a competition giving their customers a chance to win a full-paid holidays plus 100k USD.

A viral campaign has been launched by to give their most loyal customers a chance to win a ‘life-changing gift’ – The company has launched the campaign not just to reward their users, but to raise awareness of their growing position and upcoming exchange.

Competition Details

From the 20th June 2018 till September 20th, 2018, Swiss-based startup will be running a three-month-long competition to give 90 of their most loyal customers a chance to win a VIP full-paid holiday to Cyprus, plus 100,000 USD. In order for participants to enter, they must interact with their social media channels by liking, sharing and posting the original content about the upcoming exchange. Members will be awarded points, which can be tracked via a leaderboard on their official website. Extra points are given for purchasing’s cryptocurrency (TIO), and by introducing new members to the community.

The company has recently announced their involvement in the first-ever cryptocurrency event hosted by Bloomberg. At the event, on the 21st June 2018, CEO, Jim Preissler will announce the launch date of’s cryptocurrency exchange.

About is a next-generation financial institution that is claimed to be a ‘truly unique exchange’ having decades-long experience in the investment banking, trading, and FinTech sectors. The trading revolution provides the ultimate security and transparency, having so far raised over $31 million (and counting), from over 13,000 participants who have purchased over $66 million Trade Tokens. have an acclaimed role of the leading blockchain firm in financial markets, offering the best industry services.

The Trade Token

Trade Token (TIO), is an ERC-20 based token. The cryptocurrency was introduced last year (August 2017), the demand was so high that it resulted in a crowdfunding of over $33 million for the TIO sale. The tokens are currently available at the following popular exchanges: Okex, Bancor, GatelO, Tidex, KuCoin, HitBTC, and Idex.

The company’s liquidity pool (a system that analyses the levels at which price frequency makes a decision as orders hit the market), allows users to have access to the pool’s success – this is an industry first. By lending a minimum of 2500 tokens, will pay interest to participants daily. They aim to be the biggest trading liquidity pool comprised of Trade Tokens for the benefit of their holders. The value of the Trade Tokens reflects the strength and ability of the company’s promise to fulfill the community. is set to revolutionize asset trading and investment, avoiding the use of any middlemen. The viral campaign has shown how much values the community by offering benefits and rewards to their loyalist customers. The competition will run over the course of three months, allowing members to gain points and receive a chance of winning a free holiday.

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