TriForce Tokens Seals Industry’s First, Releases Steam Game, Final Token Sale

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TriForce Tokens Seals Industry’s First, Releases Steam Game, Final Token Sale
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TriForce Tokens has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Real-time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooter (FPS) hybrid game, Eximus.

Blockchain gaming leader, TriForce Tokens, has announced the exciting launch of its highly anticipated Real-time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooter (FPS) hybrid game, Eximus.

Launched on Steam to coincide with the final stage of the platform’s token sale, Eximus is a strategic combat game for dominance between five-man teams. With the launch of the game, TriForce Tokens has made history by becoming the first blockchain startup to be fully integrated online. Eximus has also earned its place in the history books by becoming the first game launched on steam, by a blockchain platform.

TriForce Tokens is tackling problems hampering the potentials of the $138 billion gaming market through the creation of a levelled and transparent ecosystem for players and developers to connect without the traditional third parties required for game marketing and distribution.

Without intermediaries, a chunk of the budget is taken away, so that players get the possibility to enjoy cheaper games, as there is no need for developers to pay for marketing expenses. Benefitting this factor, developers can concentrate more on player retention, feedbacks, and most importantly, on the requests of their communities.

TriForce Tokens will also be revamping how game ads are distributed and viewed through its innovative and non-intrusive ad integration, enabling advertisers to display ads within the game through intuitive game assets. Rather than intrude upon the player’s gaming experience, the ad becomes a part of the appropriate scenery, targeting specific audiences rather than the traditional spray-and-pray ad model.

By leveraging blockchain technology to deliver a groundbreaking approach to gaming and game distribution, TriForce Tokens is spearheading an unprecedented paradigm shift in the industry, calculated to evolve the biggest entertainment market in the world. The company has also inked strategic partnerships across the globe as it sets its sights on liberating gaming and eliminate the industry’s inefficiencies.

To further this goal, the Ethereum-based platform will release its own blockchain in 2019. The proposed blockchain will eliminate the scalability issues and transaction fees that has held gaming development hostage on Ethereum blockchain. The creation of a blockchain focused on meeting the needs of the gaming industry is set to further enable blockchain-based gaming come into its own at zero cost.

TriForce Tokens is now in its final token sale phase following the successful completion of previous stages. The phase, which began on the 8th of October and ends 11th November, carries a weekly, sliding bonus that starts off at 15% and caps off at 0% by the fourth week. The blockchain startup is distributing its utility FORCE tokens at 0.15 USD per token to contributors. The minimum contribution amount has been set at $100 with contributors required to undergo KYC and AML checks.

TriForce Tokens has an active Discord presence where different activities, including its various bounties and campaigns, are ongoing.

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