‘It’s Time!’: UFC Is Back with New Online Slot Game, Flexible Online Betting Features

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‘It’s Time!’: UFC Is Back with New Online Slot Game, Flexible Online Betting Features
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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is coming back with a new game called “It’s Time!”. Now it allows players to place new wagers in-between rounds.

If there is one amazing thing about sports betting and gambling as a whole, it is its ability to adapt to the times. As technology continues to improve and newer and newer innovations come out every year, there are always new ways and methods on how one can enjoy betting and gambling. From land-based casinos, we now have online casinos. From onsite sports betting, now we have online sports betting or even virtual online sports betting. And from using bank accounts of ecash wallets like PayPal, one can now play using cryptocurrency through a Bitcoin sports betting site.

With all the new trends rising both on sports and on Bitcoin, it has always been an expected thing to see real-life sporting events and Bitcoin sports betting come together. In fact, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) just did that by realizing a new online slot game inspired by the UFC franchise.

How It Works

The game is called “It’s Time!” This game was released along with a new sports betting feature for players. Now, players have the flexibility to place new wagers in-between rounds. This is perfect as with any UFC match, things may go a different direction in-game and players might end up thinking of making changes in their wagers.

With this, sports bettors can now wager on a game up to 287 market props per fight. The outcomes they can bet on can range from choices of a win through a TKO, a KO, a draw, or a specific round where the fight will end.

As for the new online slot game, developer Relax Gaming has partnered with legendary UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer to develop an online slot game inspired by UFC featuring his likeness and his voice. In this new game, players can win up to 2,5000x their bet.

UFC Fighters Investing in Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin hype has already caught not only the attention of online gamblers and online sports bettors but even real UFC players as well. In fact, a former UFC champion recently came out as a new investor in the world of cryptocurrency.

Former champion Eddie Alvarez came out to twitter announcing that he just made his first purchase of Bitcoin. He mentioned that he was inspired by a fellow UFC fighter who had been a Bitcoin trader for quite some time and that he “can’t sit on the sidelines any longer.”

Alvarez admitted that he has a lot to learn about Bitcoin, but he already made the investment of buying 1BTC.

On UFC Updates

On the other hand, UFC – the real MMA sport – is expected to come back on June 7, 2020. There are a lot of things about the upcoming event that is uncertain yet. However, the rumor mill is full of speculation from the location up to who may be facing off in the main event of the night.

According to rumors, UFC 250 may happen either at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas or the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. As for the card, one fight has been confirmed already. This will be a featherweight title fight with Amanda Nunes defending her title against Felicia Spencer.

During the match, players can still use online bookmakers to place their bets on who would win the match using either their real-world currency or Bitcoin. With less than a month before the fight, you still have time to go register to a platform that will let you bet on the upcoming fight.

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