Why the Bitcoin Casino is Taking Over Online Gambling

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by Maria Konash · 2 min read
Why the Bitcoin Casino is Taking Over Online Gambling
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Instant withdrawals, low fees and enhanced transparency make digital casinos a perfect choice for those willing to enjoy online gambling to the fullest.

Remember when people said that buying Bitcoin was a gamble? Now, it’s the preferred choice of many online gamblers. Oh, the irony! And it makes sense too, as all the downsides of online casino transactions are virtually solved with Bitcoin gambling.

Faster Is Better

Have you ever won a bunch of money at a casino, then requested a withdrawal, then waited a month for the cheque to arrive? It’s a great way to take a huge amount of the excitement out of gambling. With Bitcoin betting, you can move your winnings from your casino bankroll to your BTC wallet instantly, and vice versa.

No Unnecessary Oversight

You want the casino itself to be licensed and registered with an independent party to ensure fairness. But most online bettors don’t want their often-scrutinized finances intertwined with their love of gaming. Online web wallets like Skrill and Neteller ease that concern. Bitcoin solves it.

Low Fees, No Fees

Even considering the minimal miners fees, transferring Bitcoin is always cheaper than centralized currency, giving bettors both more in their bankroll when they deposit and more of their winnings when they withdraw. In some cases, the more standard currency you withdraw, the higher the fee can become. Further, online gamblers playing at a casino based in a foreign country sometimes need to pay a currency exchange rate. With Bitcoin gambling, that concern is non-existent.

So Many Excellent Choices to Consider

The most-reviewed and one of the best-rated options is the FortuneJack Bitcoin casino, hailed by Bitcoin Play for its instant withdrawals, unrivaled user experience, and a 100% complaint-resolution success rate. And seeing as they’re offering a welcome package that comes with 5 BTC and 250 free spins to new players right now, this is a good time to join.

But whichever Bitcoin betting outlet you choose, the benefits from the perspective of an online bettor are clear. And until land-based casinos start allowing you to cash in chips for cryptocurrency, digital casinos are your only option. Fortunately, there are plenty of great routes to take. Just be sure to go with a Bitcoin casino that’s well-reviewed by both experts and players alike.

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