8V.com Metaverse Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Live, Special Offers for 8V Users

January 24th, 2022 at 9:01 am UTC · 4 min read

8V.com Metaverse Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Live, Special Offers for 8V Users
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The world’s first metaverse cryptocurrency exchange 8V.com was officially launched in January 2022. To show gratitude to its global users 8V.com has launched a promotional campaign that provides a special offer with “50% off” commission fees.

Since tech giant, Facebook announced the change of their company name to “Meta”, the popularity of “Metaverse” in search engines has dramatically increased. “Metaverse “has quickly established itself as one of the highest trending internet search words in the second half of 2021. This has generated huge global curiosity in what a Metaverse is? 8V.com has already established its global presence through building a high-quality virtual entertainment world that combines cryptocurrency, gaming and social activities, bringing these products and services together in one place on the blockchain has allowed 8V.com to achieve a genuine, brand-new metaverse platform.

8V Group is committed to providing reliable, secure, easy-to-use, and efficient financial information and comprehensive virtual financial trading services to users in over 200 countries. Users can not only utilize and benefit from the resources of the decentralized financial platform but also a wide variety of investment products, including current, fixed term and quantitative finance. With 8V.com, users can generate flexible and controllable revenues and receive guaranteed capital and interest, ensuring efficient earning income from your digital assets.

To show our gratitude 8V.com launched a promotion campaign featuring “50% off” commission fees. You can enjoy this special offer whether you are a new or existing user. If you log in between 16:00 18th January to 16:00 28th January (UTC Time), a 50% off discount will be automatically applied when you open positions in futures and leveraged trading! Download the 8V.com App right now to build your own metaverse ecological community! Please find more details of the promotion event on the 8V.com official website.

8V.com Metaverse Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Live, Special Offers for 8V Users

The Advantages of 8V.com

  • The World’s First Metaverse Exchange

8V is dedicated to building efficient, immersive, social and real-time metaverse ecosystem modules. With the most comprehensive range of metaverse coins, 8V is leading the way towards achieving a genuine metaverse virtual world ecosystem. Users can build their own metaverse network, enjoy a variety of types of loan and asset enhancement services, utilize quiz games, quick games and NFTs, whilst maintaining full control and management of their digital assets.

  • Secure, Efficient and Transparent Trading Environment

8V.com has obtained a Money Services Business (MSB) certification in both the US and Canada. The platform’s exclusive “Super Password”, “Independent Asset Vault” and “Dual-Mechanism hot and cold Wallet” solutions ensure that users can make efficient investments under the premise of having full control of their own digital assets. The platform processes over 50,000 transactions every second, helping users to make quick investments with incredible efficiency.

  • Short and Mid-term Leveraged Loans Up to 200 Times Leverage

8V.com provides short and mid-term loans of working capital digital currency, allowing users to borrow coins to over-allocate assets up to 200 times leverage. Furthermore, each loan will be audited automatically by the system to calculate risk in real-time, alerting highly leveraged users in a timely manner, forcing them to close their positions if necessary.

  •  World-class Automatic Risk Management System

8V.com adopts self-developed automatic risk management technology, which strictly verifies contract addresses, tackles abnormal IP login with multi-layered verification, preventing fraudulent activities automatically such as counterfeit currency. The platform has over 30 defence mechanisms such as a multi-layered wallet system, DDOS defence and traffic cleaning to ensure the independence and security of users’ assets.

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