AAG to Launch MetaOne dApp Store

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AAG to Launch MetaOne dApp Store
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At its launch, the MetaOne dApp store will include over 1000 dApps with many more to follow.

Web3 infrastructure company, AAG, has unveiled its plans to launch a MetaOne dApp store. The firm recently rebranded to expand its focus on the Metaverse.

AAG looks to solve two problems that have limited metaverse products; security and usability. As a result, the firm continues to design products to help users stay safe and embrace the Web3 economy. Through its MetaOne products, AAG hopes to improve security, interoperability, and consequently, the usability of the Metaverse.

The MetaOne dApp store is the latest of such products by the firm. It will list verified projects across the ecosystem, helping industry newbies and veterans make safer decisions.

About the MetaOne dApp Store

At its launch, the MetaOne dApp store will include over 1000 dApps with many more to follow. These dApps will be verified for quality and safety to reduce scams, Ponzi schemes, and rug pulls.

Speaking about the dApp store, Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO & Co-Founder at AAG, said:

“The curated list will help users, both those new to the blockchain and OGs, navigate the rough seas of Web3, where a scam is always, unfortunately, just around the corner.”

Vinijtrongjit believes the app will also provide a gateway for its wallet users to explore Web3. Recall that the firm announced the waitlist for its MetaOne wallet in August.

More than just a cryptocurrency wallet, the wallet also serves NFTs, smart contracts, and more. By integrating the wallet with the dApp, users can now connect their wallet directly to dApps. Users are also guaranteed to land on the right website to avoid phishing scams. By using the dApp store, users will be able to access basic information about the different projects.

This information will be presented in written and video form to improve accessibility and save time. Likewise, the app store will provide the latest news and events about the different dApps listed on the store.

While AAG has a GameFi platform, the list of dApps on the MetaOne Store includes more than just gaming and decentralized exchanges. It also includes a variety of apps from different categories to allow users to take advantage of all that Web3 has to offer.

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