AERGO – Enterprise Ready Blockchain Protocol

July 10th, 2018 at 5:26 pm UTC · 2 min read

Blockchain platforms are currently facing multiple usability challenges, such as technological performance delays, ecosystem complexity and lack of developer skills, that prevent mass adoption of blockchain technology into enterprise IT systems.

AERGO’s Mission is to Bridge the Gap Between Blockchain and Mass Market Ventures

Developed with the assistance of Blocko, a world-leading blockchain company – AERGO is an open-source, innovative blockchain ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and mass market ventures by solving these challenges through creating a technology and operational framework that supports a vast ecosystem of dApp developers, cloud delivery partners and Enterprise companies.

Its goal is to provide developer-friendly, feature-rich, multi-paradigm and consistent plugin-based smart contract infrastructure to program each business implementation with ease.

AERGO’s Architectural Functions

AERGO consists of three main architectural functions: AERGO Chain, AERGO Hub, and AERGO Marketplace. Each brings a key differentiating factor to the platform, and together they create a comprehensive and multifaceted ecosystem.

  • AERGO Chain is a public blockchain protocol designed to solve a number of existing difficulties that current blockchain market faces. It features SQL-based smart contracts to increase usability.
  • AERGO Hub is a public interface that enables enterprises and dApp developers to access computing power and convenient/necessary development features.
  • AERGO Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for software applications, computing resources and other services optimized for AERGO Chain.

Strong Partnership with Blocko

Over the past few years, AERGO’s core technology has been incubated and developed with the assistance of Blocko, a company that has been actively developing proprietary blockchain platforms for enterprises, financial institutions and local governments since 2014.

Blocko has been providing its private-blockchain product, Coinstack, for dozens of production-level projects with millions of end-users including the Korea Exchange, Hyundai and Kia Motors and many others. Through such partnerships, Blocko has gained a reputation as the largest blockchain tech company in Korea and one of the largest blockchain tech companies in the world.

Blocko is devoting its technical capabilities to the development of AERGO technology and is planning.

interesting, collaborative projects to build a chain of first-party and third-party dApps to launch on AERGO platform. Because of Blocko’s pre-existing product, this collaboration is making AERGO the most service-ready platform on the market.

Blocko and AERGO share the same mission of “Bringing blockchain technology closer to the real-world by providing comprehensive blockchain technology.”



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