AgroGloryTime Introduces DAO and Interest-earning Token Backed by $50m+ Agricultural Business  

June 1st, 2022 at 11:27 am UTC · 3 min read

AgroGloryTime Introduces DAO and Interest-earning Token Backed by $50m+ Agricultural Business  
Photo: AgroGloryTime 

AgroGloryTime, a Ukrainian-based agricultural holding, signalled their intention to introduce an investment token (AGTI) secured by property and derivatives. A DAO platform giving the opportunity for all native token holders to vote is also among the company’s plans for the near future.

As the demand from the global market and food prices mount, AgroGloryTime aims to expand their production capacity. The company has over 2000 ha of land close to the Hungarian and Romanian borders. The land asset was granted perpetual usage status. Since it is located in one of Ukraine’s most fertile regions in proximity to a major transport and logistic hub, it serves as a reliable guarantee for the security of the  company’s investors’ funds.

With a current productivity volume of 1,000 tons per year, and a total capitalization of $50 million, the company aims to quadruple production capacity by 2024. Plans for the medium term include a significant expansion of the infrastructure, including the launch of a plant for the deep processing of agricultural raw materials and the modernization of storage facilities.

AGTI – the native asset of the upcoming AgroGloryTime DAO – is a property-secured token, with a guaranteed yearly interest of over 25% from the initial price. Thus, AGTI serves as an attractive long-term investment, while guaranteeing a passive income to its holders. AgroGloryTime also pledges to instantly swap 100,000 AGTI for 0.01% of company shares.

Early adopters are encouraged to join the project during its pre-sale stage, when the price of AGTI will be 66% less than during its public sale round. At the former stage, the price is $0.03, as compared to its later price of $0.05. Expecting a subsequent rise in the price of the token, the management of AgroGloryTime intends to list the native asset on several top-tier exchanges, with more details to be announced closer to the token launch date.

When reached for comment, Darya Novgorodkina, member of the AgroGloryTime Supervisory board, confirmed the company’s full commitment to the highest standards of compliance and transparency. She stated:

“The AGTI token is designed to be a fair and transparent tool for our investors, which not only provides a return on investment in the future, but benefits them with guaranteed income paid out starting from the first quarter. Considering our extremely favourable location in close proximity to the 450 million EU market, we see huge potential for our project.”

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About AgroGloryTime

AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian-based agricultural holding, operating since 1946. Owning over 2000 ha of land, the company grows and processes vegetables and mushrooms for both the Ukrainian and international markets.

AgroGloryTime (AGTI) is the native token of the upcoming DAO. AGTI is secured by the company’s property and pegged to real company shares at a rate of 100,000 AGTI per 0.01% of a share. All native token holders get the added advantage of receiving annual interest in excess of 25% of the AGTI price at the time of the IDO.



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