Apple Over-Ear Headphones to Come with Changeable Parts

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Apple Over-Ear Headphones to Come with Changeable Parts
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The over-ear headphones from Apple are coming with changeable parts. It’s not the first product of this type for Apple. It already owns a profitable brand that sells over-ear earphones. Meanwhile, AAPL stock is up.

Over-ear headphones from Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) are to come with removable parts. Sources say that the Cupertino California technology giant is developing new over-ear headphones that will augment its AirPods.

Meanwhile, yesterday Apple (AAPL) stock closed $286.69 (+0.79%). Today in the pre-market, the stock is also in the green. Its price is $288.08 (+0.48%).

The headphones apparently will come with switchable parts. The earphones will come with headbands and earpads that are magnetically attach themselves.

Apple already owns a profitable brand that sells over-ear earphones. Its Beats Studio 3 brand and newly-introduced Beats Studio Pro earphones are already taking the market by storm. Apple is going to find a way to make both brands profitable. Just the same way it has successfully separated the Powerbeats Pro Line from its Airpods Pro.

Apple Over-Ear Headphones Have Two Versions

Sources say that Apple is developing two versions of the headphones. One version will work using leather fabric. The other version will have lighter substances. They will be aimed at fitness fans. The earphones will also come with support for Siri. This will allow for voice control, noise reduction and various voice controls. It will also allow for the limited customization of the headphones. This will allow them to become interchangeable.

Apple has been making forays into the wearable Audio device market for some time now. This comes as the original AirPods were highly successful. The new headphones will do very well against competitors in the same space.

Development issues have delayed the introduction of the new over-ear phones. They were originally slated to hit the markets last year. Recent iOS 14 code revelations show a color preference for the earphones: black and white.

The launch of headphones has been postponed twice according to sources.

COVID-19 May Delay Launch for Headphones

Sources say that the earphones may debut later this year. That timeline may be disrupted though due to COVID-19. Global supply chains have gone to zero as the numbers of the dead and the infected continue to rise. With no perfect treatment regimen and no cure, these timelines are at best an estimate.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the new earphones will lack the glitz and allure that other Apple products have. The product is expected to be priced along the lines of Apples’ other high-priced products. With a price tag of reportedly around $350, the earphones will (expectedly) be a market-mover in its niche.

Other features such as the auto-pause on removal (already available in the AirPods) could make it to the new earphones. This will also give the over-ear phones an edge over sister brand beats.

it also creates a new paradigm for Apple. In terms of strategy, Apple has focused on developing its product lines, testing the product and releasing them using high profile events. COVID-19 has made the technology giant turn the model on its head.

It will be interesting to see how Apple will use the current situation to its advantage.

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