What Can Investors Expect from Arctic Bearz’s Third Evolution Phase

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What Can Investors Expect from Arctic Bearz’s Third Evolution Phase
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That’s how the third phase of the evolution of Arctic Bearz kicks off.

Loving dogs and cats and keeping them as pets in your house is a wonderful thing. But don’t you ever think of the animals that became extinct because people didn’t care for them enough? Or maybe about animals that may soon become extinct if people don’t come together to save them? After all, they belong to the same planet as you do. They also have the same right to live on this planet that you make the most of every single day. With these questions in mind, Zakius and Carter, along with Lewis, started Arctic Bearz, the NFT that helps endangered animals.

Tundra – Arctic Bearz’s Third Phase of Evolution

Imagine being a part of a community that contributes wholeheartedly to saving polar bears from becoming extinct. It’s a rare opportunity, and if you miss it, you may have to wait for god knows how long to come across another project that serves such a noble cause. Moreover, you may not just become another investor or contributor in this project; the founders will give the first hundred members a chance to adopt polar bears. That’s how the third phase of the evolution of Arctic Bearz kicks off. Here’s everything that you should know about Tundra:

  • The founders have already announced that the first hundred members of the Arctic Bearz community will receive polar bear adoption packs. You may receive them after the early-bird pre-sale, pre-sale, and public launch of the NFTs go live. It’s better you follow the updates on Arctic Bearz’s Discord, Instagram, and Twitter because the winners will be announced each month.
  • Arctic Bearz will have NFTs ranging from rarity levels of common to legendary. Most people will receive common Arctic Bearz NFTs, but if you are lucky, you may become one of the eight people to hold a legendary Arctic Bearz NFT. Each legendary Bearz will have a unique theme. You will receive rewards depending on the respective theme of your NFT.
  • The trio also wants to launch the NFT’s first Gobi Bear channel. It will be available to all the Arctic Bearz owners. You need to be a part of the DAO to access this channel. The DAO of Arctic Bearz will only contain verified Arctic Bearz owners who have supported the progress of the NFT.
  • Since the minting stage will be over before the start of the third phase of evolution, the founders would donate 5% of its proceeds to the WWF to help endangered polar bears. If you belong to the first hundred contributors, expect to receive a polar bear adoption pack from Arctic Bearz.
  • How will you know that the concerned group of people is using the contributions to good effect? The developers of Arctic Bearz will launch an online gallery where you can see the whereabouts of different polar bears.
  • Finally, there will be giveaways for the Discord community members. There is no announcement yet on what rewards to expect, but you should follow the updates on Arctic Bearz’s social media handles.

The trio will continue to work closely with Arctic Bearz holders and implement any idea that they seem fit to help the polar bears. If you have any plans, don’t hesitate to share them with Zakius, Lewis, and Carter.

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