ARK Aims to Make Blockchain More Accessible to Users

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ARK Aims to Make Blockchain More Accessible to Users
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With a new project, users and developers will get an access to a fast and scalable ecosystem of customizable blockchain networks from all over the world.

Many believe the true value of cryptocurrencies lies in its underlying technology – blockchain. Clearly, the innovation of the technology has revolutionized the modern world. Indeed, the boom of cryptocurrencies has popularized blockchain and its multiple functions in today’s world. The benefits and potential of the technology are limitless, a notion embodied by ARK.

Say Hello to Ark v2

ARK is a new all-in-one solution that provides users and developers with an access to revolutionary blockchain technologies. The project aims to create a hub of interconnected chains and a network of real world scenarios, crediting ARK as a flexible and scalable platform.

ARK will not only benefit regular users, but startups and developers, who can enjoy a secure platform capable of mass adoption. If you are looking for a blockchain solution for your project or business, whether you are a consumer or developer, then ARK thinks it has the answer.

Additionally, ARK’s systems are entirely open source, what will help users to launch their own smart bridge compatible blockchain. Moreover, it is the convenient solution as everything is hosted on GitHub for a user-friendly experience.

A Reliable and Friendly Blockchain Service

A notable benefit of ARK’s framework is its reliability and flexibility. Users will have complete control over their personal data and wallets and will be able to easily access it anywhere and anytime it is convenient for them. In a world where personal data has become increasingly impersonal and accessible to third parties, security has become paramount. The platform benefits users with a sense of ease and confidence, as users can connect to ARK’s service securely and with notable reliability.

November 2017 introduced a new era for ARK. The original ARK Network was proven to be fast and reliable with a standout, committed community. Although it was notably stable and reliable, the developers did not stop there as ARK continues to grow and strive for optimum performance.

ARK’s developers are still working on reaching peak performance and its ARK core V2 is almost ready for public testing and is now in the final testing phase. The duration of the testing period is still unclear, but ARK encourages testing, hacking and reviews from users globally once the platform goes public. Users are also encouraged to suggest any other improvements they would like to be implemented to ARK’s framework.

The upgrade to ARK’s network is certainly a hot topic. One feature that has no necessity to be changed is the blocktimes. There are no plans to decrease block creation times as ARK’s network already stands out for its efficiency, so there is no real reason to do it. With its 8 second block times, ARK’s platform is one of the fastest in the industry today.

The new platform is based on Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake (DPOS), utilizing 51 delegates. These delegates are tasked with running the network and are rewarded much like bitcoin miners, with block rewards.

ARK v2 will soon become open for public review and will be waiting for suggestions on how to improve the network. A particular request from the community has been the reduction of fees, an understandable request considering the increasing ARK price. ARK v2 will address this issue by introducing a dynamic fee structure. Besides, it bypasses the need for a hard fork, elevating ARK as the first DPoS Blockchain.

With recent updates, ARK continues to cement its position as a leader in the blockchain market. By fulfilling the needs of consumers, ARK is making it easier to use the platform when adopting it. Indeed, ARK core v2 is increasing in speed, becoming more reliable and secure, thus offering consumers more confidence in the platform.

To learn more about the v2 platform and ARK’s exciting new chapter, visit the ARK blog post here. Join the ARK community on Telegram and have your say on the new improvements.


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