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Aureus, the First Bitcoin-Backed Cryptocurrency to Issue Monthly Dividends in Bitcoin

May 15th, 2017 at 6:27 am UTC · 4 min read

Cryptocurrency solutions provider, Cryptocrest has announced a new dividend structure for its Aureus (AUR) cryptocurrency. The dividends are offered on a monthly basis, in Bitcoin to all Aureus token holders through the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT). The Aureus cryptocurrency operates on Bitcoin’s proven blockchain protocol but with superior transaction speeds at lower fees in comparison to the Bitcoin network. The cryptocurrency has a close connection with Bitcoin as the ABT is backed by a reserve of 15000 BTCs.

Aureus is a unique blockchain based cryptoasset which derives its value from both cryptocurrency and real-world economies. Modeled on the highly successful Bitcoin protocol, AUR combines the flexibility, liquidity, and accessibility of cryptoassets with returns derived from the real-world economy.

The cryptocurrency platform’s aim is to enable all types of investors from around the globe to invest in local economies via the proven power of blockchain but this time, with monthly Bitcoin dividends issued to the holders of the cryptocurrency. This way of investing will attempt to offer investors superior returns than traditional market investments while maintaining a low level of calculated risk.

As the initial Aureus seed BTC belongs to the members of a failed community lending program called, the initial distribution of AUR will be allocated to the existing community members that are contained within a closed ecosystem.

Like Bitfinex’ BFX Tokens, AUR is then distributed proportionately to each member in a systematic time delayed manner. The longer a member holds on to their AUR, the more AUR they will receive periodically. This would allow AUR to be introduced to the open cryptocurrency economy in a gradual manner whilst retaining the value for the community in the long term, reducing the risk of inflation or over-supply when AUR is transferred out of the community.

Cryptocrest manages the distribution by creating a Treasury Reserve (TR) designed to hold and distribute AUR for the community’s benefit.

Aureus is essentially valued through the ABT, a fund initially consisting of 15,000 bitcoins held for low-risk investment. Cryptocrest’s consultancy management team controls the investment strategy with a present focus on low-risk peer-to-peer Bitcoin margin lending in top exchanges.

The 15,000 bitcoins are held by a reputable independent custodian and can only be returned proportionately to the AUR owners when majority of the owners votes for liquidation. Votes are calculated by the number of AUR each individual hold. This mechanism allows the community to decide the path of ABT if Bitcoins reaches unprecedented prices.

Cryptocrest has already proven its experience in the regular economy, with an impressive investment management history, primarily in lending. It benefits investors in two ways as they stand to profit from not only the increase in the value of Aureus but also the value of ABT. Returns generated by the ABT are distributed among the AUR holders, providing them with multiple sources of gains.

Aureus Tokens

The Aureus cryptotokens are entirely pre-mined with a fixed supply of 21,000,000 AUR (21 million). However, unlike other pre-mined cryptocurrency tokens, monthly supplies of AUR will be allocated into the ecosystem until the maximum cap is eventually reached.

The platform has already issued 3,600,000 AUR (17.14%) out of the total supply to 70,000 Citizens, A Treasury Reserve (TR), formed for the stewardship of capital for the community will receive 500,000 AUR monthly, and it will always maintain a minimum balance of 100,000 AUR.

Aureus Wallets

Aureus will offer online wallets to its Citizens, enabling them to store, send and receive the AUR cryptotokens. The wallet is available for Android-powered devices on Google Play Store. It will be made available for iOS devices soon along with a hardware wallet. The digital wallets are created using Bitlox’ technology.

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