Billionaire Bill Pulte Announces Purchase of 11 BTC and Will Use Twitter for Mass Adoption

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Billionaire Bill Pulte Announces Purchase of 11 BTC and Will Use Twitter for Mass Adoption
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Bill Pulte has announced a purchase of 11 BTC. He has also repeatedly expressed his support for crypto and has begun Bitcoin giveaways.

Bitcoin has made many people very rich since it went live and now boasts of more than a few thousand percent in returns on investment (ROI). The crypto’s prospects have attracted some of the world’s richest people, with many of them holding various amounts of BTC. The latest billionaire to join the trend is popular philanthropist Bill Pulte.

In a recent tweet posted on Thursday, Pulte announced to his more than one million followers that he bought 11 BTC which cost somewhere around $77,000. Although he didn’t say at the time whether or not he had bought BTC before, the news about his purchase excited the Twitter crypto community.

Pulte is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of Pulte Capital Partners, an investment firm based in Michigan in the United States. His grandfather founded PulteGroup (PHM) an Atlanta-based home construction company that has a market cap of $10.9 billion. Pulte is however very popular in circles outside of his current business endeavors because of his Twitter philanthropy.

For more than a few months now, the billionaire has been giving out varying sums of money to random strangers online, as his own act of philanthropy. Pulte also does some of it offline as a few videos of him have circulated, which show him out and about, giving strangers monetary gifts.

Pulte has said repeatedly that he wants to change the world and one of the ways he’s doing this is through philanthropy. After several months of cash gifts, Pulte recently said that he will extend his philanthropic efforts, using crypto as a channel. In the tweet, Pulte said:

“Cryptocurrency can help the world’s poorest…especially those who are “unbanked”…as a philanthropist, I therefore want to promote adoption. Leave [a] comment [about] why you need Bitcoin and I’ll pick one person to send some satoshis to … Yes, this is real.”

Apart from choosing to continue doing philanthropy using crypto and also buying 11 bitcoins, Pulte has shown that he is very pro-crypto with a different tweet. In the post, he suggested five things he wants people to do as sort of a new year resolution in 2020. Including teaching people “how to fish” and “advocating for the most vulnerable members of the human family”, Pulte says “pushing cryptocurrency onto social media” is a great idea.

Since Twitter is his major way of reaching the public, yet another tweet highlights his strong support of crypto. According to Pulte, “the crypto community is missing out big time [and] if they want mass adoption, they got to give it out on twitter and social media.”

It might be important to note here that while the above quote mentions “Bitcoin”, his repeated use of the word “crypto” could mean that he might be interested in other assets. Maybe we will see a PulteCoin sometime in the future.

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